Cattle Welfare

Canadian beef and dairy producers share an unspoken bond with their cattle. At Cattle Welfare, we started with one goal in mind – to strengthen that relationship by sharing information that supports producers in providing the best possible care for their cattle. Putting the needs of the herd first means keeping them safe, well-nourished, healthy, and comfortable. It means doing whatever’s necessary to prevent and treat disease while minimizing stress and handling them with care. In the cattle business, everything starts and ends with cattle. So when it comes to animal welfare, there’s only one place you need to go – Cattle Welfare.

The Many Benefits of Animal Welfare

You don’t have to be in the Canadian cattle business to know that animal welfare, as a movement and a way of doing business, is garnering a lot of support. But what are the benefits? To the cattle the answer is pretty obvious, but what’s in it for producers? As it turns out, plenty and the research supports it.

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Recognizing Pain in Your Herd

Pain cannot be completely eliminated, nor should it. It serves a very real purpose in humans and in cattle. Acute pain is protective and triggers avoidance behaviours. It helps cattle avoid further injuring themselves, supports the recovery process and teaches them to avoid similar injury in the future.


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Join the Conversation

At Cattle Welfare we’re not just rearing cattle, we’re raising awareness of animal welfare. Our love of the land includes taking care of all who roam it, so we’re passionately devoted to the cause. After all, there’s a lot of rational reasons to adopt animal welfare practices, but at the end of the day, it just needs to feel right. So, join our community and have a voice.

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